Honda Smart Home-UC Davis

Honda Smart Home System Technology

Smart home is currently popular among developers. Many companies are racing to develop their own version of the smart home technology. Major automotive company, Honda is working with the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). They are developing a prototype of smart home in California, United States. Although they aren't particularly known for constructing houses, but it seems like an ambitious project and interesting. Yeah, we knew that Honda has successfully created robot Asimo, that not related with automotive field.
Honda Smart Home-UC Davis
Prototype of Honda Smart Home ~Fastcoexist
To create a home that is environmentally friendly, smart, and efficient, Honda embed a wide range of advanced technologies in different parts of the Honda smart house. According to Green Building Advisor, this house was built with FSC-certified wood and steel roof with high standards.

Honda Smart Home Heating & Air Conditioning System

Honda Smart Home-UC Davis heating system is very complicated. Rain water and water that has been used will go into the tank in the garden, made ​​it past the heat pump to heat and cool the house across the floor and ceiling. The geothermal pump system will reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning. Honda Smart House was designed using the principles of passive design, so it will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Honda Smart Home Lighting Technology

First of all, Honda & UC Davis researchers studied the direction of sunlight and shade to reduce the cost of home temperature settings. They also use a three-layer window, double-wall construction, special roof, and special materials such as concrete are given pozzolan and post-tensioning to reduce its carbon footprint. The Honda Smart Home, using lamps with LED lighting technology. Lighting technology allows occupants to adjust the temperature of the lamp as needed. If you can easily adjust the color of the lights, the house owner can browse around home easily and safely at night, then back to rest. Because the dim lights with yellowish color at night is quite illuminating without collapse the rhodopsin in the human eye. Eye could see in the dim light. Honda and researchers from the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis is trying to explore the best light color settings for Honda Smart Home.

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