7 Tips to Choose Furniture for House with Small Rooms

Tips to Organize Home with Small Space

House with small rooms, make you need to think of the arrangement again. Arranging narrow room/space is more difficult than the large room. If wrong in decorating, the room will look cramped, cluttered and certainly unsightly.

The first thing to note is the selection of furniture for small room. Choose furniture that is lightweight, so you can be easier to move, if you want to change the atmosphere or reset arrangement for certain purposes (eg, study together or family gathering, which is usually held in cross-legged on the floor).

Furniture that reflects shadows, can help to make a small room seem more spacious. Choose a table or sideboard made ​​of brass or stainless steel which can reflect the object in front of it, thus creating the illusion of a wider space. Simple or minimalist, is the key word to keep in mind when buying furniture for small spaces.

Choosing Furniture for a Small Room

As quoted from Helium, there are some tips that can help you in choosing the furniture for a small room. Consider the following tips.

1. Choose sofas and chairs with a slim sleek design. Furniture with not too much details will make the room more spacious, and remains space if you want to put another item, such as a table or shelf decoration. Conversely, large furniture and too many ornaments (engraving, squiggly shape) is not particularly efficient in small rooms.
Slim Sleek Sofa Design
Sleek Armless Sofa | Furniture for small room | houzz

2. Instead cabinets or sideboard, you should use a wall shelf to put the ornaments or books. In addition to be used as a medium to decorate the room, wall shelves also help you save space.
modern minimalist wall shelf
Lago Linea Modular Wall Shelving Modern And Minimalist Design | tn173 |Furniture for Small Room

3. Prioritize option at the main desk or dressing table which has a cabinet or drawer underneath. That will allow you to put a number of items, so no need to buy a small shelf or cupboard again. Small, square table is perfect for small rooms. See article about creative storage solution for small apartment.

4. Three levels rack with wheels under it, could be a vessel that is suitable to be placed in the kitchen or family room. In addition to store various items on it, a rack with wheels are also easy to be moved according to taste.

5. Folding table can also be an alternative to fill your room with furniture. When not in use, you can fold it and put it sticks to the wall. But to get a folding table as you wish, you should order it at wood crafter, or furniture maker specialist.
Folding Table and Chairs
Folding table and chairs | Choosing furniture for small room.

6. Forget king-size bed. Think again, do you really need a big size bed? If not, then you should select a smaller bed. Another option is a sofa bed or futon as a substitute for a conventional bed. Both of these beds can be used in addition to rest at night and also can be used as a sofa.

7. Huge mirror can make effect the room look more spacious. You can apply it in the living room, family room, bedroom and bathroom. Attach a large mirror in the area that became 'vocal point' in your room. For example, near the door, opposite the seat or in front of the bed.

I hope this 7 Tips to Choose Furniture for Small Room can help you in organizing home with small space/room.

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