Custom Wood Floating Shelves

Who would not want to have a cozy home complete with the modern furnishings. Many company of furniture now produces a wide range of households with attractive design tailored to the needs of people itself which more like the modern style. Usually women are more complicated for the selection of furniture household affairs. The number of items held in the house sometimes makes us confused where to arranged. Custom wood floating shelves will help the housewife found a new style for furniture arrangement.

Custom Wood Floating Shelves

Custom wood floating shelves is a simple type of shelves to be a place to put furniture which the installation position such as hanging. These shelves will display the artistic impression in your room because it is not too much motif to use only wood made with elongated shape and has a thickness sufficient. Choose the custom wood shelves with floating design like this is the way to decorate the home by using the large wall section so looks more interesting.

Custom Wood Floating Shelf

Placement of Custom Wood Floating Shelves

You can apply this model of shelves in several rooms at your house such as living room, kitchen, and bathroom and so on depending on the necessary from the owner. For the example in kitchen, the installation of the custom wood floating shelves can be used as a place to put kitchen utensils such as plates, cups, bowl or herbs and of course the placement is not too high. Or maybe you just put some accessories in the shelves so your cooking activity will more fun with atmosphere presented.

custom floating wall shelves

Besides, before you decided to put custom wood floating shelves on your home there are some things that should be ascertained first. Because the design that hang so you need to choose a wall that has sufficient strength to support the weight of the shelves. Do not put this kind of shelves of the damp walls, would be very dangerous because if in the long term the wall is became fragile. So you should really make sure and choose the strong wall.

floating shelves weight limit

custom floating shelf

There are the other things that should be considered, you also have to choose the type of wood with the enough thick and strong for custom wood floating shelves. Consider the balance between the thickness of the wood and the accessories to be placed on floating shelves. Do not put the things that are too heavy because it would be dangerous if the shelves off of the wall and will hurt people around.

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