Relaxing Spa Bathtub with Water Recirculation

spa bathtub

Arima, name of a relaxing spa bathtub with water recirculation system designed by Glass Idromassaggio that can make you enjoy bath. Pamper yourself and relieve stress with a bath we can do this using this extraordinary spa bathtub. Arima designed by Glass Idromassaggio with whirlpool and a pool of water jet. The tub is made ​​of Ductal concrete and is designed with very smooth texture to produce high quality products. Arima equipped with filtration and recirculation system It provides absolute security for the cleanliness of bathing water. This relaxing spa bathtub is created to provide free-standing bath relaxing as you want at home.
spa bathroom
Come with modern and luxurious style, has a back and foot jets, heaters, waterfalls and chrome therapy. Spa bath tub is designed with a water pond overflowed, and water will circulate continuously so that as much fun as the spa. Submerge your body in the bathroom and enjoy the comfort of relaxation to stretch your back muscles. You can add a little aromatherapy to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the bathtub. Pamper your skin with the right temperature and give true happiness when you taking a bath. Enjoy the convenience of a shower you want with Arima spa bathtub in your bathroom. This luxury bath tub that is perfect for modern interiors complement your bathroom.

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