Garden House Plans by David Guerra

An eighties house style/remodel in Brazil designed by David Guerra, Brazilian Architect

garden house.

Director of the company, with headquarters in London chooses a home in the decade of the 80s, is projected by a great architect, to turn it into your residence in Brazil. A good interior will live with a nice combination of exterior gardens. Natural style of a modern home can be made in Brazil as an alternative in the sense of beauty between the interior and exterior. Space that is compatible to the living room provides plenty of functions on the space available. Brazilian Architecture by David Guerra stringing a lot of open space large enough to hold onto the park. Office hired to make reconstruction and interior projects.

garden house design

Motif on the interior to create freshness at the time of day and night. The entire wood material is made of weather-resistant and environmentally friendly. One of the main desire is to make the integration of interior / exterior are bigger, making the park to participate in day-house, bring more light into the room that used to be too dark.

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Another important thing is to make it more modern home, providing new space and new ways to use it, which is compatible with the new lifestyle and new epoque of new residents. Integrating space, destroying the walls, change the doors, windows and covered attatch protection, product replacement, restoring structure, new eletric, new hydraulics, new lighting, studio, a wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, bathroom, sauna, deck and pool. Reconstruction is very large. All clearly include bathrooms, kitchens and service, give the opposite picture of the wood in the structure.

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Only in sand tones selected gourmet kitchen, using demolition wood, Brennand ceramic, and granite Capao bonito, enhanced by the proximity of green parks. The idea is to present the house itself is always open to friends, thus, found in the interior design architect intent to engage in dialogue spaces are integrated and comfortable, lightweight providin, invitations and meetings, in addition to host a few personal items, found the owner and loaded with the memory.

garden house decoration

Caracteristic of natural, neutral tones and raw gives pleasure. Furniture with the bottom away from the floor, which runs from the foot sticks and chairs, and chairs intention acrilic have to make a larger space, light and fluid. Mixture of styles, which runs from the 50's, through classical, ethnic, contemporary, which increases with Brazilian reference. Hood of the white tiles used in kitchen, dining room, bathroom and service area has a function to give pleasure and, at the same time, illuminating the house, once the structure, floors and ceilings made of wood.

garden house style

The windows were wooden shutters lead in providing space for large openings blindex and emerging glass coverage, in the midst of the fire, bringing light into the house. In lighting, there is concern also illuminate the room, keeping the atmosphere fun. Increasingly large balconies and decks to create an atmosphere without disturbing the flow. Old bar and kitchen are integrated into the TV room, immediately after eating a unified, without walls, into the kitchen and dining room. Closet changed in closets, expanded bathroom.

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garden house plan

garden house plans

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