Beautiful Blue Chandelier Design-Virtue of Blue Solar Butterflies

Blue Chandelier Designs

A beautiful design by Dutch. Amazing Blue Butterflies Chandelier Design for house trinkets. Economic and ecological solutions are very popular today. On display now at London Gallery, Blain|Southern‘s Virtue of Blue chandelier measures 144 x 144 x 162 mm in size and is composed of cesium solar cells, a hand-blown glass bulb, and steel and aluminum structural elements. This is one of them is called the Dutch design under Demakersvan Blue Spider at home. The spider is a sapphire blue solar cells; pieces are inherently independent, as it absorbs the light energy to power the lighting. Just as butterflies fan their wings to collect the sun's energy to raise their body temperature, this absolutely gorgeous solar chandelier is also energized by the sun's rays. Tues cut into four different butterflies. Ball in the middle by hand - blown, iridescent wings shining in the light.

Virtue of Blue Chandelier

blue solar chandelier

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They were chosen because they are the butterflies? These insects also have the power of your body, using their wings to absorb sunlight, in turn, enhance and maintain their own body temperature necessary for survival. The design is very romantic and beautiful. Virtue of Blue is more than a piece of eco art or even a practical light fixture – it is a stunning work that gives testament to the power of nature and sustainability. This design is efficient and environmentally friendly, and will enter the most beautiful blue sapphire brings serenity and peace. I admire the beauty and function of this section! Four different breeds of butterflies flutter around a hand-blown glass bulb, collecting the sun' energy by day to power the lamp at night. It's a stunning combination of art and renewable energy all in one amazing chandelier. Read also How to Choose a Chandelier for Your Dining Room?.

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