Example of Black-White Bathroom with Good Lighting

dark bathroom lighting

Examples of black and white bathroom with good lighting

.Bathrooms should have good lighting. Not only the living room, family room or dining room lighting that need to be regulated, but we also need to set up the lighting in the bathroom. In addition to the main light to illuminate the overall bathroom, you can follow the general rules of indoor lighting techniques. Task lighting is used to provide lighting in certain places that need more light. Accent lighting on a particular point at the same time a warm impression in the bathroom. For example to illuminate the statue ornaments or plants on the side of the bath tub that can add convenience when you're soaking in it.

Here the example of a bathroom with dark colors that have good lighting. This design of black-white bathroom, not make the bathroom creepy and unappealing, but because it has good lighting, so the bathroom light and will look good in it. The bathroom is measuring 8.3 m square. So this is quite extensive. Natural light entering through the large glass doors. An elegant black wall tiles and floor tiles, creating an elegant atmosphere. The light comes from the terraces that are connected in a bathroom alongside. Here are pictures of dark bathroom design with good lighting. It will probably inspire you in planning a bathroom.

contemporary bathroom light fixtures

black bathroom lighting

black-white bathroom lighting

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