Modern Minimalist Bath Tub with Drawers from Royo

modern bathtub with drawer

The modern small bath tub design with drawers. Is a unique innovation for a bathtub. The bath with drawers will be very suitable for a small bathroom with minimalist interior design. Bath with drawer very useful to put your cosmetics and toiletries, so it looks neater. Evolution Keops tub series featuring functional drawers and small shelves that can accommodate your beauty products near you while you enjoy a relaxing bath and well-deserved. Entering the drawer into the overall design of the bath is an interesting idea from Royo Group, a company with 35 years experience in the manufacture and commercialization of bathroom furniture. You can choose from four different sets: Important, Serenity, Energy and Dynamic. Do you want to complement your bathroom accessories with innovative bathroom furniture designs...? Enjoy the pictures of modern minimalist bathtub design that has a drawer below.

comfortable bathtub

decorating with drawer

bathroom drawers

bathtub drawers

small bathtub design photos

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