Pedestal Bathroom Sink Design

There are many styles of pedestal bathroom sink designs. A bathroom sink is not just a place where you wash your hands, spit out the toothpaste. Pedestal sinks can be made ??of glass, stone, or combinations of materials. One is this pedestal sink from Bati. This pedestal bathroom sinks are inspired by the Chinese belief, namely Yin and Yang. For small bathrooms we have easy to fit corner bathroom sinks. Is a pedestal sink with natural design, made ??from natural stone. Combining this concept in the space of your bathroom design is the perfect way to create a place of relaxation and escape from ordinary. It is a style of furniture design to interior stone pile. Contemporary stone pedestal sinks and unique design. In addition, the sink hole is configured with one, two, three and four, and even offered without holes. While most of the basin pedestal sink is made from vitreous China, while some are constructed of fire clay, glass, marble and ceramics. The combination of stone and water, two ingredients in the opposite that when united, encourage balance and harmony.

Checkout this bathroom pedestal sinks pictures:
Pedestal Bathroom Sink Design

small bathroom pedestal sink

pedestal sink bathroom fixtures

bathroom pedestal vanities

small pedistal sinks

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