5 Minimalist Home Decoration Tips

Here The Tips for Decorating House with Minimalist Style

  1. Replace the high or tall furniture, with low/short furniture. Tall furniture such as bookshelves can be replaced with a short bookshelves or table. The top of the cabinet can be used as a table to put the lights, telephone, or vase.
    minimalist home decoration -using short furniture table
  2. Use curved furniture so that it can be used even if placed at an acute angle or a narrow hallway.
    minimalist home decoration tips - curved design furniture
  3. Choose a chair without arms because the chair has arms just takes a lot of places. Many people choose seat without arms to the dining room for easy set up and spacious look.
    minimalist home decoration - using chairs without arms
  4. Make a rack without doors in the kitchen. The rack can be used to put the cutlery. You can also insert a vase of flowers and painting behind the plate furniture to make it look more beautiful.
  5. Creating the impression of a high room with a long curtain hanging that higher than the window.
    minimalist home decor - tips to impress room height

Well, that's the description and tips of the minimalist home decor. May be useful.

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