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Bedroom Decoration - Rest is an important thing done by humans. Activity during a full day to make your body needs a break to regulate metabolism. Returns stamina can be obtained with adequate rest and eating foods that contain good nutrition. If someone is experiencing sleep deprivation, will result in a disrupted daily activities. Various ways can be done to make a good quality sleep. Exercise is one of the way. In addition, bedroom decoration also will effect on a person's quality of sleep. Maybe it does not seem to be correlated, but sleep is a condition when the body needs relaxation and comfort. Bedroom decor will affect our sleep comfort.
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The Importance of Bedroom Decoration

Decorating a bedroom with a comfortable and good air circulation will give comfort to our sleep. We will not feel cold or feel hot when in the bedroom. The bedroom decor should be laid out well. In the bedroom you should avoid storing items that can trigger stress. The goods here are usually associated with the work.

Items related to work such as work files should be stored in a room other than the bedroom. For those of you who do not have a work space in particular, should keep these items in a table around the family room.
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In addition, a bedroom paint color can also affect psychological effects. Basic paint colors that are too dark will give the impression of dull and creepy. Should choose soft colors. Do not give color that too bright because it would interfere.

If possible, you can paint the bedroom walls as a clear night sky. Effect on the mind will be relaxed and comfortable. Choose curtains colors that match with the color of the bedroom walls. Bedroom that had a window will create a comfortable and healthy.

Adjust the position of the bed, dresser, and a small table in your bedroom as neat as possible. Instead, put a small table beside the bed. Small tables are usually used to store some objects such as mobile phones, light sleep, water, alarm clock, or purse.
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Cabinets should be placed in front of the bed and the size is not too big and tall. Especially if your bedroom is not big. If the cabinet was too big and tall, instead will give the impression narrow and claustrophobic. It will interfere with the comfort and relaxation of the mind before bed. Make sure the window in the bedroom was not blocked by cabinets.

Bedroom decor also affect our passion every day. You should change your bedroom decor every one or two months. This will give other shades in the bedroom, giving another atmosphere for yourself, and make not bored with bedroom decor.

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