Functional and Aesthetic House Plan Design

House plan design is the most important part of the overall design of a minimalist house. A line or plane does not stand alone, but relates to the lines and other areas on a floor plan. A geometric composition on a house plan implies many things. It is not arranged aesthetically but also considers the technical and functional aspects as well as socio-psychological. The needs of residents as its main foothold in designing house plan design.

House Plan & Design

House floor plan minimalist design is different than the classic house plans or other styles. The main character of this minimalist house plans design lies in the structuring efficiency and land use and practicality. Modern minimalist house plans tend to simple geometric. Box shape is very dominating. The lines are straight walls as well as the use of plain glass is a minimalist house design identity. The spaces on the Floor plan minimalist design tends to flow open to the outside space.
Aesthetic House Plan Design

Relations on Space Activities

It would seem a relevant relationship between the spaces with other space. For example, relates how a kitchen with dining area, drying area with washing area, family room with a bed. This activity affects the relationship between the distances of space. Surely spaces that have complementary activities will not far in distance. A house plan design must consist of many halls—surely one or several properties to the main space than others. The main hall is likely to be supported by the other chamber. Hierarchy to the main late—it is will determine the size and position of the laying of a space with other supporting spaces for example, the determination of the location in the front or back, or how much space to support the magnitude of the main room. Space hierarchy is determined by several factors, there are: the need for function, philosophy, social, cultural, and so on.
Functional House Plan Design
Each room will have its own character. The space character is usually determined by the type of activity that is in the room. For example, the living room will be open and has a welcome character to the guests who visit. Open character is evident from the magnitude of the door and window openings in the living room. House plan design certainly shows the physical condition of the room. Both the size and the constituent material for example, a material composed of brick walls, wood, and so on. This material is expressed in symbolic form material, such as wood or glass material which has a different symbol. The complete home floor plan will be accompanied by large-scale measures.
house plan design floor
A house plan design as well as the spaces in it would need access in order to achieve or entered. A house floor plan will show how a space related to other spaces. Not only related to the run of occupants in and out of the room but also the movement of residents in an activity in a single space, for example, the circulation in the kitchen that determines the position of the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and so forth.

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