How to Design a House Plan in Minimalist Modern Style

How to Design a House Plan?

Having a home with your own design is a certain satisfaction, but not everyone can afford or have the knowledge about the architecture. For some people how to design a house plan is a very difficult job to do especially if it has to do with the interior design and house floor plan. If you have a desire to design your own house plan but do not have the expertise in terms of design, just calm down now I will tell you how to design a house plan minimalist house in accordance with your wishes.

How to Design a House Plan

  • Foundation of the house

    The essential part of how to design a house plan is foundation. There are a variety of foundations, foundation lanes for first floor house, the foundation for the chicken claw level, enough for a standard home, because in addition to building houses there is more variation in the foundation according to their needs.
  • Selection of steel frame

    Use a minimum size of 8 mm steel for standard 1 floor home, or if forced upstairs level of the house can still use 8 mm to pole aids (not the main mast) as a column on the meeting room wall or corners of the room, if you can afford the bigger the better buy for example 8 mm or 10 mm.
  • Window and door sills

    Choose teak wood. If you want a cheaper one, you can use mahogany. Mahogany color is good and also powerful enough to sills, windows, and doors. If still not cheap enough, you can use other alternatives such as cherry wood, acacia, and so on. Although lower quality if properly processed like wood dry enough then promptly painted (do not let the water get hot and rain after installed in the house), then the timber will remain intact although still lower than grade teak wood.
  • Wall

    Wall is important in how to design a house plan. materials of brick is the best for building concrete houses , though still have to be smart to choose brick, because it depends on the type of soil and the combustion process. If you want low cost, using brick, concrete blocks are strong enough, and its beauty was the same as if it had been plastered brick because it will not be visible, using the brick is much cheaper. To the wall in the room, so they cost less again, you can use the board, fiber board made from asbestos cement not so safe for health. Also very good finishing results after painted, this material often used to partition space in offices. There are a variety of thicknesses, adjust with the funds you have.

design a minimalist house plan

how to design house plan minimalist style

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