General Idea and Different Type of Colonial House Plan

Generally speaking the colonial house plan is a particular type of house plan which is inspired by early built homes by early settlers a long time ago. In other words we can simply say that colonial design is classic design of house. The basic idea of such house plan colonial is that there is a huge stair hall right after you enters the house. Following the main stair hall, there would be dining room and also living room on each side of the house. Then the last thing there would be kitchen and private rooms all over the rear of the house. The room separation is pretty much simple in order to get the more practical value plus there was not much things to separate in different rooms as of today.

Colonial House Plan

Moreover the colonial house plan on the outside will be having such columned portico entrance to the house. There are also fanlights, sidelights, and also windows with double-hung and multi-pane type. The bricks or wood both can commonly be used as the exterior of the colonial plan house. One of the most famous colonial houses that can be found today is the George Washington's Mt Vernon. The building is really original colonial house which represent also the Plantation building style. This particular house design is very much suitable if you want to build a big house in a wide area Whenever you are located in the country, thus getting the house colonial plan is very much recommended since the surroundings are pretty much match.
Colonial House Plan Designs

Colonial House Plan Photos
Furthermore there are actually a couple of different subtypes of the colonial house plan based on different regional factor. Those types are French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Georgian, and also Mid-Atlantic colonial style. The very early type of French colonial house plan was the poteaux-en-terre which is built using heavy upright cedar logs arranged vertically to the land. In the 1770 the new idea was emerged which called the briquette-entre-poteaux. This house style features flared hip roofs, shutters and dormers, and also double louvred doors. Meanwhile the Spanish colonial house plan has the board house as the very early type of house. This is basically just a very small cottage with single room only. This house is built using boards of pit-sawn softwood with thatched roof. Moreover in the 18th century the common houses were emerged featured two-level house with cooling porches as the new Spanish colonial house plan.

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