Making Simple House Plan Interesting and Efficient

Design a simple house plan certainly has its limitations, both from the design itself and the underlying factors. Design and construction of the house cannot be separated from the issue of cost. You need to first determine how the budget will be provided. This budget certainly does not drain the entire contents of your savings because there are many other needs. Do not forget to budget in addition to physical simple floor plan design—you also have to create a budget to buy furniture after a simple floor plan was completed.

Simple House Plan

Simple House Plan

Amount of this budget will be directly related to the area of the house to be built. Once you decide on your budget you can easily determine the square footage of the house that can be built based on TSB funds. The method is the calculation of the estimated cost per meters. Cost estimates for each 1 meter house varies class houses built, the house is simple, medium, and luxury. Each class has different prices according to the quality of materials and workmanship difficulty level.

Simple House Plan design

Landform will greatly affect the shape of simple house plan to be built. This influence will be felt at the laying of the spaces and the efficiency of land use—physical shape in the form of land boundaries and contours of the land surface. Land area is certainly related to the area of the house and the size of the spaces in it. Certainly will not be much of a problem if the land to be built over an area large enough simple house plan to be built. But when the lands to the small size of course many find many obstacles or constraints on the placement and size of the spaces. If that happens then the design of the house is more than one floor is a solution.

Simple House Plan layout

Surely, simple house plan has the same standard space requirements, such as bedrooms, dining room, family room, kitchen, and so on. But if you or your family members have a particular hobby done on the house, of course, will require specialized space—for Example like music studio, billiard room, fitness room, and so forth. Progress of civilization will also affect the development needs of the type space . When first used as a family room to watch TV but now for certain circles want any special audio-visual room as a home theater. Mothers who used to have only one type of kitchen but are now grown and requires dry kitchen and wet kitchen.

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