Best Unique House Plans over the World

There are people with such extraordinary ideas of the design or plan of their house, thus across the world there are a lot of houses having unique house plans that we can find. Right on this article there will be some of the best unique house designs or plans that you might be able to copy. Even though not every single one of those houses is really used or lived by people, nevertheless the designs are just totally unique and worth to look even to copy. Some of the best unique houses which have certainly house plans unique are now often used as museums in order to be able to be seen by many people from all over the places. These unique house plans could possibly be the idea in creating your very own unique house. You can copy, adapt and then apply any design or plan that you like.

Unique House Plans

The first of the best houses having unique plans house is the Bart Prince House located in the Albuquerque New Mexico United States. The man named Bart Prince is actually an architect with a bunch of creations of unique houses. The one he live in itself is also having such extraordinary house plan. He claimed that any house he has built have particular theme or idea on it. One example is the organic idea he used in one of his house. The second on the list would be the Dar al Hajar located in Yemen. Basically it is a very huge palace of rock which was built as summer home in the 1930s by a man named Imam Yahya. The building was damaged and restored once. It is now used as a museum that can be visited by people to get an outstanding view of its surroundings.
Unique House Plans Designs

Unique Futuristic House Plans
The third house having unique house plans is the one called Bubble House that can be found in Tourettes-sur-Loup France. The house was designed in the 70s by Antti Lovag having such futuristic and unique design. This design of oval building was created to gain advantage of the volcanic landscape of Cote d'Azur. Moreover in the use of such house unique plans, you need to consider also the functionality of the house itself. Do not create unique house that actually sacrifices some of its function. Unique house plans should really put the comfort first before the unique point on the second place.

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