Characteristics and Features of Bungalow House Plan

Bungalow house plan is a form of house with certain features. Lower porches and a level space make a choice which adapted into a summer retreat in the United Kingdom. With the increasing of popularity in Europe, this phenomenon is not surprising because we can find bungalow house plan in America. Americans are not free from British influence. Bungalow house plan build by William Gibbon at Cape Cod in 1879. While traditional bungalow has one story and a half story, the first in the US bungalow built in two stories.

Bungalow House Plan

You are being able to understand what style of house floor plans for bungalows when you look forward to the following features.
  • Traditional one story and half story (the above story only cover half of the surface area in the lower stories) construction, although people may have the two stories.
  • The house appearance like cottage
  • Low pitched roof with unique roof
  • Mainly horizontal form design
  • Simple looking construction ideas
  • large veranda held together with rectangular columns
  • Room direct entry
  • an open floor plan (dining room and kitchen are connected to the living space)
  • The living space consists of one floor design
  • The absence of the halls , the rooms are connected with each outdoor space
  • The space in the middle of the home
  • Open and wood beam ceiling design
  • Built-in shelf easy organization
  • Rapid access to the outdoor veranda and Home
bungalow style house plan
It is because the features of bungalow house plan were made for a summer lodging and retreat to the west. These are built in a way which allowed for plenty of ventilation, and they are easy to build in terms of time, cost, and effort. In spite of this, the 'new' in this construction features makes it a perfect start outside the different styles of the architectural which already exist in the area. The other reason is because these types of houses have an attic—all the heat is being absorbed there—thus protecting living space under a sweltering heat.
bungalow house design
If we adjusted to the American and European settings for the aim of residential life, these houses included a fireplace and chimney which accommodate their needs. The feature also makes the bungalow house plans a perfect choice to the elderly and people has disabilities, because they allow us for easy movement on the house.

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