Contemporary House Plan by the Mascord Design Associates Inc

There are many different house plans available for you to choose, one of which is the contemporary house plan. This particular house plan is usually associated with the use of modern or unique designs of the house itself. To be more specific, ay contemporary house would be having unique shape or modern form so that it really looks different than any majority of house. Any cube shaped house, flat roof, clean lines, is examples of things that you can find on any contemporary house. Usually in using the house contemporary plan, the materials used are in reflection of the Art Moderne or International styles. This particular house plan was reinvented by the Bauhaus movement from Germany. The Bauhaus movement reinvents the design with more modern function of the house and also the use of shunning ornaments. Materials such as glass, steel, and concrete are very commonly used in the contemporary house plan. Put simply the contemporary house plan is exactly suitable for any of you with unique personality.
Contemporary House Plan
There is one example of contemporary plan house named The Park Place which is designed by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc. Basically the Park Place is a narrow lot house which actually is a rising trend of today's housing plan. This contemporary design features so many lights and spaces with a lot of different styles of windows available. There are also unique rooflines and asymmetrical styles all over the house that emphasizing the modern and innovative look. Moreover this particular contemporary house plan will not need a lot of money since it is the focus of this design, minimizing cost while at the same time maximizing the square footage.
Contemporary House Plan by the Mascord Design
Another example of the house plan contemporary created by the Mascord Design Associates Inc is called The Olsen. This house plan has two levels that feature what so called as the twin reverse living plans. Basically you will have two exactly the same floor plans on each side of the house. For example if you want to have 5 rooms on the left then you will also have exactly the same 5 rooms on the left side as well. At the lower floor there would be a couple of suits for anyone including guests as well. The main living area of the house would be at the top floor which gives you opportunity to enjoy any view from above. It has an open floor plan that is emphasizing the contemporary house plan.

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