Unique House Designs by Japanese Architect - Terunobu Fujimori

Japanese eccentric architect, Terunobu Fujimori succeeded in creating a unique home designs in Japan that looks like in a fairy tale. The work of Fujimori looks balanced with grasses and flowers that grow on the roof of the building. Structure of the building also looks imaginative and funny.
Terunobu Fujimori - Eccentric Architect of Unique Houses Designs from Japan
Fujimori avoid the use of advanced technology and creating energy-efficient buildings. Building materials that used were very unique, like volcanic rock and soil and charred wood.

One of the most famous house he created is a tea house towering and looked like floating in the air. At his home, called Dandelion House in Nagano, Japan, eccentric soul of Fujimori began to appear. The facade of the house using volcanic rocks and overgrown plants.
Unique Japanese House Design - Dandelion House in Nagano
The unique house of  Terunobu Fujimori called Dandelion House in Nagano, Japan.

While the tea ceremony room, which is named Flying Mud Boat built right in front of the Chino City Art Museum, in Nagano. This house looks like a shell that hung on wires from metal and wood supported. Other tea houses, called Irisentei Tea House stands on five logs that are only accessible by stairs.

Unique Flying Mud Boat
Unique floating house design - Flying Mud Boat created right in front of  Art Museum of Chino City, Nagano

Artistic Japanese Floating House
Interior of “Flying Mud Boat” - unique house design by Fujimori

Fujimori's house building techniques has a well-known with characteristic of cedar wood that has been through the roasting process, which is obtained through an ancient Japanese technique. This technique protects the wood from rain and decay processes.

Charred Ceddar House

With the unique shape, it's looks like a house in fairy tale

As quoted from Inhabitat, lightweight material makes the house look fantastic and look like a cave. Silvery brown color of the wood, combined with the performance and robustness of mud logs create a sense of familiarity that is enriched by the vernacular imagery. Fujimori admitted, does not give priority to ecological aspects of the building. However, building designed by Fujimori, often show a radical approach to environmental and fit to nature.

Unique tree house - Takasugi - an Teahouse by Fujimori located in Nagano and created on 2003 – 2004

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