Contemporary Concept of Patterned Wall Materials

One characteristic of contemporary home interior is using of unique materials on the wall. That can arranged a combine without use of adhesive cement and sand mixture.

Contemporary Patterned Wall Materials

Order unique stone walls with the very beautiful and gorgeous than used in buildings using contemporary concepts. It can also be applied to the walls of the house that uses the concept of modern design. Including walls that are on the inside or interior.

Patterned Wall Materials

For example is the interior like in the picture. The resulting atmosphere scented modern, luxurious and elegant tile flooring comes from the use of bright shiny colors. But to bring the feel of a more cool and natural using ingredients from the door brown wood is also mounted on the wall that was in front of the glass door. The composition of the wood used to make the doors laid horizontally. So despite using only one leaf only into the still look bigger and wider.

patterned wall stencils

We can led further unique stone walls that are light brown in space to present the impression of a very interesting and special. It is not surprising that the patterned wall is used as a boundary or partition space can be a point of view or a view of the main focus in the room.

This unique stone structure looks flat when viewed from the side. But on the side or the side looks like the temple always bend or arch line shape is very beautiful. The arch on the wall is a bit different because it has the same size, both arches that lead into and out or left and right.

patterned wall decals

On the arch leading out will make the sidewall size becomes larger and thicker. While the arch that leads into, produces opposite shades.

From the front the patterned walls look more exotic look even tend dramatic. Because the walls are prepared using the following concepts of groove or pattern of curvature located on the side.

patterned wall tiles

Unique stone mounted can arranged alternately. One brick into position somewhat while other stones are located on the left right or top and bottom have a little further into the position. Then measure the wall thickness used also uses a concept is no different.

patterned wall coverings

On some of the walls of the cavity can also put some small lights. It aims to draw on the patterned wall materials give the impression of it. However, homeowners should also be sure to harmonize with the interior of the house as a whole against the wall material.

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