Floor Plans: Things to Consider

Are you going to make floor plans? Wait for a second to read some information related to the plans. There are some important points that should be taken into account before you make a floor plan. A floor plan or also known as Scottish plan is an overhead point of view of a house plan. It shows whole places inside the building. Dimensions become the concern of a floor plan. Unlike the usual house plans, a floor plan shows much more details. It may include sinks, plumbing, furnaces and other details. Therefore, it is more complicated than usual house plans.

House Floor Plans

House Floor Plans
As it is more complicated, it needs more consideration to be taken into account. Floor plans should show orthographic projection of the building. House floor plans should be able to show any other things such as interior walls, interior features including fireplaces, house appliances, windows and doors. It should be able to indicate the use of each room inside the building. The standard floor plan should represent the house from about 4 feet above the floor. It enables all objects are seen in this level. For your information, floor plan is rather different with top view or bird’s eye view.

Floor Plans Blueprint

Floor Plans Blueprint
Since floor plans blueprint shows the object from the top view, the upper part of a building such as roof or ceiling is omitted. Floor plans only show objects from about 4 feet above the floor. Therefore, any other section above 4 feet is not shown. Reflected ceiling plan is a kind of floor plan that shows the room as if it is seen from above through ceiling. It shows reflected image of the ceiling above. It has the same principal as floor plan, seeing downward from above. Reflected ceiling plan is usually used to demonstrate lighting by the architects.

Floor Plans Online

Floor plans online
Knowing that making floor plan is not that easy, technology gives the best answer for you who want to make your own plan. Floor plans online is available. You can make plan in few minutes. Some websites facilitate floor plan making with good result. You are allowed to design the plans as you desire. All you need to do is entering the specifications of your house-to-be. Wait for few minutes and your floor plan is ready. No need to consult with the architects. You are the architect of your dream house. Make your own floor plans and make it real.

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