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Symmetrical plan & design concept for the modern household

symmetrical house designs
Building value antiquity a home not only in terms of old age. But also can be viewed from different angles, which looks unique. Although the building is new, the style of symmetrical house design architectural is very beautiful and special.

symmetrical house plans
At the front, the outer portion is made with a very beautiful and fascinating, giving rise to the main attraction. The parts can be made from a regular wall, then covered or coated with a slab of natural wood colored dark brown. From the left side to the middle, just short enough wall size. But from the middle to the right side edge of the higher high size.

symmetrical household items
On the outside of the symmetrical house which is mounted high door that is no less unique shape, which is curved at the top. The color of the door is also the same as the color of natural wood with dark brown domination. Meanwhile, in the middle of that size began to rise earlier, can also be coated with natural wood with a symmetrical shape.

symmetrical ranch house plans
Before entering into the room or house, in the front there is a terrace which is rather small in size. However, the terrace can also be performed with beauty, because some of the vines are placed on the front of the house. Although the size of the plants is still relatively small, but it will make the atmosphere more and more felt was cool beautiful.

symmetrical home designs
Wall located on the porch, it looks a bit different than a regular house. The wall is divided into several sections, which are separated by lines which form symmetrical. In the middle there is a large enough window size and height to reach the top of the wall. While the door may be positioned on the left edge.

perfectly symmetrical house
For the lighting of the symmetrical house, the owner can put considerable light on the main door, while the other angles can be given the support of smaller size with a rather large amount Owners should think several times if you want to make the house durable. Regular maintenance is needed by this home.

Moreover, the dominance of the outer portion of a house made-of natural wood.
symmetrical southern house plans
Another important thing homeowners should think of the budget spent on the concept of a symmetrical house design like this. Do not let the budget was wasted. This job is better left to those who are already experienced.

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