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Unique Wall Hanging Ideas - To enhance the appearance of the walls in the room, owners should not panic by deciding to use an expensive hand painting. When looking to downsize and display unique creations, used goods can be used as an alternative media to create unique wall hangings that are not less beautiful zoom when compared with paintings or other wall hangings.

unique wall hanging decorations
If more owners want to use the painting, of course it cost more because the price too expensive painting. Moreover, if the painting is the work of a famous artist. Of the funds to be provided over a lot and can drain the contents of the bag. Then the best option to save money is to use items that are easily found to be used as a wall decoration to beautify the look of the interior media space. It also can save the budget for wall hangings that will be used as part of the interior space.

unique wall hangers
One is the use of electronic goods that are damaged or no longer used. But now the activity is better not do it again. Because thrift seems to have no economic value that can be used to make a wide assortment of wall paintings have artistic value and beauty high enough. This is one option that can be done.

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The first thing to do to make a painting of equipment or tools that are not used. Disconnect all parts and elements in it. Then separated by type and color. Some equipment or critical elements that can be given directly striking colored paints to suit the home interior. Or homeowners can choose the old equipment with functions then paints it the same color. Selection of paint colors can be customized to the needs of interior space.

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The finished painting can be directly mounted. As for the best unique wall hangers placement location is in a confined space where there is a lot of dust are floating. Because if there are impurities such as dust, painting with materials used equipment is difficult to clean. Unless the owner had engine vacuum which can pull up dirt on the most small and deep. If you want a dramatic look, this painting could be spotlighted. Choose the type of lights that light color can bring out the strong character of the painting.

unique wall hanging ideas
However, keep in mind not to use excessive lighting. It will only reduce the uniqueness of wall hangings. We recommend using lighting to compliment the color of the unique wall hangings.

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