Staircase Calculator with Landing

Measuring the Staircase Calculator with Landing

Measuring the staircase calculator with landing is useful for your stair construction. Building the stair in your house needs some preparations and determinations. Those determinations will influence your staircase look and design. The drawing of the staircase is the first step for building the staircase with landing.

Staircase calculator with landing can only be done by the patience. The staircase should be design with the patience in deciding the materials and the consequences of the building should be measured. Since the staircase make two side walls enclosed, you have to install the fire blocking between the walls. It will give the diagonal, square and other designed of the stair that will be installed. The staircase design calculation will help you to connect two stairs between floors because no enough room for the continuous stair.

Installing new railing for staircase
Installing new railing for staircase.

Staircase calculator with landing can be done by calculating the stairs between landings as the same portion. There are some steps for conducting the calculation of the staircase. Calculate the stairwell on the scale drawing. It not be included the landing. You can use the simplest landing by placed half-way. Then, you can compress the total run for the stairs turn. Determined the half-way point and identify the obstacle in the total run. The landing sub-floor must be set from the landing height at the middle tread height.

The next step in the staircase design calculation is calculating the two stairs which has separated calculation. The first stair start form the bottom to the landing and the second stair design form the landing to the top. Then, build the landing working as the determination before. Re calculate the tow stairs in the sub floor height based on your plan. Staircase calculator with landing should be considered in the minimum scale in a 3’ square landing.

Pictures of Staircase Calculator with Landing

Stair design rules and formulas
Stair design rules and formulas  building comfortable stairs.

Stair Stringer Calculator
Stair Stringer Calculator - WNY Handyman

Calculate stair rise and run
Calculate stair rise and run.

Calculating the stair should be done by measuring the standard rise on your stair. Normally, the standard step is 7 inches, and then you need 12 risers. Then the standard tread size is 10 inches or it can be smaller under any condition. The next step is creating the square or rectangle box of your subfloor or decking surface in the proper place. Finally, you have to do it with the right measurement and calculating it in the proper size. After having the calculation of your staircase, you can build your stair based on the staircase calculation with landing that has been done.

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