Spiral Staircase Design Calculation

Conducting Spiral Staircase Design Calculation

Conducting spiral staircase design calculation is not easy to be done. The spiral staircase is the adding element of the unusualness in the home design. It will be the unique construction if you want to apply it in your house. Before applying the spiral staircase you have to search the design and the appropriate measurement of your stair. Consider in which part your spiral staircase will be located, whether indoor or outdoor and the spacing in your house are the crucial thing to do.

Spiral Staircase Design Calculation0
Spiral Staircase Design Calculation

Spiral Staircase Ideas

The spiral staircases ideas can be done by measuring the height of the spiral form the floor to floor. Then, choose the larger diameter for increasing the tread space of your stairs. Calculate the diameter as the measurement of the handrail usage. Spiral staircase design calculation should be completed by the building code regulation for your spiral staircase if it necessary. Circular staircase can be constructed by wood, metal or the combination of them. You can choose the best materials which is suitable with your budget and your house design.

Spiral staircase design calculation can be set by hanging the staircase from the top landing to the floor. You should mark the location of the plumb bob will touch the floor. Place the staircase in the center pole that will be placed. Use the clamps for securing the pole. Then, start form the bottom up for rotating the spiral fashion to arrange the treads. Use the steel hanger for supporting your weight of the staircase.

The spiral staircases ideas are installed in the individually drawn. Designing the spiral staircase should be measured based on the staircase radius, rise and the steps of the staircase. The spiral staircase design calculation uses 600 to 1500 mm for the staircase radius. The rise is measured based on the height of the landings. The right and left turning should be decided from the entrance point. Then, the headroom of the stairs must not more than 2000 mm. the height is measured by the two points located.

Spiral Staircase Design Picture
Spiral Staircase Design Picture.

If you have child, you have to give the child safety on your staircase which is the opening staircase is not be larger than 100 mm. the stays of the stair can be done by using the square landing fixing based on the revolution of the spiral staircase. Spiral staircase design calculation will save your space by applying the spiral staircase which is designed with for the proper form and style.

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