How to Build a Curved Staircase

How to Build a Curved Staircase with the Right Plan and Construction

A staircase can also be one of the features of your house that completes the look of the house interior. The shape of the staircase can be the attraction of your house. But building round stairs has its tricks and special treatment s that the staircase will look good and also give good steps to those who use it. Considering the safety and the shape in one task is not an easy job. Looking for it, you need to find some tips in how to build a curved staircase if you want this kind of stair in your house.

Curved Staircase Pictures
Curved Staircase Picture

The most important thing in starting how to build a curved staircase is the calculation. The calculation defines the measurement of the height, width and the width of the steps. The steps should be build perfectly measured in the right calculation so that the steps of the stair will be comfortable to walk on and looks good on your house interior. There are some things to consider when planning for a curved staircase. It includes the radius, the axis and the making of the staircase layout.

The layout should not only be drawn in the blueprint but also on the real floor so that you can imagine where the stair will be and in which point it will be curved to its shape. The axis and the radius will give the staircase foundation is strong and will give the staircase the steps that Is comfortable. If needed, how to build a curved staircase can also involved helping tool such as thread and building pole to make sure that the result meets the requirement of stair standards of safety and overall look.

After you know the design and the calculation of your curved staircase, the next step in how to build a curved staircase is to choose the right wood for your curved staircase. Curved staircase needs wood that is strong but bent easily and flexible to make the staircase build perfectly in design and in material. For the railing, you can choose to use iron or wood and whichever that matches with your house interior design.

Building a staircase is a big job as it is an important element of a house. Planning it carefully and choosing the right team to build the staircase is an important task in how to build a curved staircase. It is also important that the curved staircase construction is finished before you add another wall around or near the staircase. This is to avoid the difficult fit of the staircase to the walls that are around.

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