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Different Types of Modern Doors from Modernus

With the rising popularity of modern interior design, today you will be able to find more than just one or two types of modern doors to fit the modern interior design itself. One of the recommended places to look for best quality of modern style doors in many types is Modernus. You will be offered several types of doors options by Modernus including sliding doors, swing doors, flush doors, pocket doors, roto doors, and also room dividers all in modern design or style. Each one of those interior doors is guaranteed to fit any desired modern design of yours.
On the Sliding doors section Modernus has the Aluminum Light 00 Sliding door that could be used for both residential and commercial use. This one type of modern doors from Modernus will eliminate the floor track need since the door is a top hung model. The door also provides such smooth movement of the door by using the shock-absorbing hardware on it. The materials used are aluminum for the frames and glass, lacquer, or wooden panels. You can also select custom color finish or anodized finish on this door.
Meanwhile on the swing doors section the Light Universal Swing Door is the best modern doors product offered by Modernus. This particular door has flush panels and also concealed hinges with materials in LEED quality used on it. The aesthetic design and sophisticated look of this door will make this door a great option for a room divider in a modern designed space. It has an adjustable range for the jamb from the size of 3 15/16” up to 5 ½”. The hinges itself are having 180 concealed degree for maximum functionality. This swing door is available on wall mount, ceiling mount, and also flush mount.

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Furthermore Modernus also has one best product on the flush doors section which is the Glamour 03 Flush Swing Door. This particular door features a seamless and modern look that will fit into any modern interior. It has magnetic latch sets, adjustable hinges, no strike plates, with 100% frames of recycled aluminum. The finish is available in ebony macassar finish of mate or gloss. European technologies are used in creating this door that surprisingly meets the American standards of the modern interior doors for 5/8” drywall. The locking system which is using magnetic system is very unique on this product. Those are several best products of modern doors offered by Modernus.

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