Modern Classic Garage Door

The Modern Classic Garage Door

If you are in need of great looking garage door to get the best look out of your garage then the Modern Classic garage door would be your best bet. Modern Classic provides you with all aluminum construction garage doors with stile-and-rail feature as well. You will be given so many different choices including the heights and also widths of the panel to really meet your needs. You can also choose the materials for the panels itself from aluminum, anodized, or painted panels. No matter what choices that you are making, the products of Modern Classic including the Modern Classic all aluminum garage doors are guaranteed to last for a long time.
The high quality product of the Modern Classic garage door is fully supported by the commercial grade of aluminum used in every single product. The stiles and also rails of the garage door are also made of the extruded aluminum alloy on the same grade for maximum quality. Furthermore the mechanical connector of the rails and stile are very strong and invisible visually. They provides strong characteristic without affecting the overall look.
The standard finish color of the Modern Classic garage door is clear anodized. Further customization option available to use the black anodized, dark bronze anodized, white polyester, as well as Duranar painted color finishes. Put simply, you could easily get the right color scheme to match your favorite color or the overall color scheme of your house. Glass or aluminum panels can both be selected for the door panels. The thickness of the panels varies as well from 1/8” to ½” of the glass and .050” to ¼” aluminum laminated panels with polyvinyl honeycomb core on it. Furthermore different glass types are also available including tempered, annealed, tinted, laminated, obscure, insulated and others.

Modern Classic Garage Door Pictures

Modern Classic garage door

Modern Classic garage door picture

Modern Classic design garage door

Modern Classic garage door photo

Modern Classic garage door decor

Garage door with modern and classic style

The modern glass garage door from Modern Classic has 12” or 15” torsion hardware radius for maximum functionality. The hardware is supported by long life nylon rollers in white, standard graduated hinges, and also non corrosive fixtures as well. The rigidity of the door is supported by galvanized U-shape struts in very high quality. All of those specifications of the garage doors offered by Modern Classic will definitely guarantee a stylish and long lasting garage door for your home. Do not hesitate to get your decision to pick Modern Classic garage door with its flexibility in matching your preferred style of a very high quality garage door in lifetime warranty.

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