Modern Garage Door Prices

Modern Garage Door Prices Ranges

Modern Garage Door Prices
One thing that many people will think before buying things is the prices including the modern garage door prices if you have a plan to get a new garage door. There are different types of the garage door itself that makes the price range is very much wide. Different customization option from each type of the garage doors will add more price range that many people could consider in choosing. Usually the most expensive one would be the one using high quality wood as the material. People are buying the expensive wood doors for their garage because it has other value than just the aesthetic value which is the cost value. Aside of the expensive contemporary garage doors prices made of wood you can always look for a more reasonable price. Look for steel or aluminum garage doors for a better price with a great look remains. Meanwhile another expensive material would be vinyl.

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Aside of the materials used for the door, the size of the door itself will affect the modern garage door prices as well. The very general range could stand from $500 up to $6000 which is a very wide range. There are several common sizes of the garage doors that are included on that price range which are 8x7, 9x7, 16x7, 8x8, 9x8, and also 16x8. Using the steel as the material of your modern garage door in 8x7 sizes will only cost you about $800 up to $1200. Using steel is the most common thing people do since it is the least expensive material.

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Furthermore, vinyl garage doors are gaining popularity today although it has a quite expensive price. The modern garage door prices of one 8x7 vinyl door would be at $1100 up to $1500. Wood composite is another choice of material for your modern garage door that could have a different price range as well. One 8x7 garage door in composite wood will approximately cost you between $1000 and $1300. Otherwise for a high class look you can go for the Cedar, Mahogany or Hemlock wood which will cost you around $2000 up to $6000 for a single 8x7 garage door.

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If you are really on tight budget and looking for cheap modern garage doors then consider buying a low quality wooden garage door that will only cost you between $500 and $800 for an 8x7 sized door. In choosing for modern garage doors think about what you are up to so that you could deal with the modern garage door prices in a good way.

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