Georgian Style Homes Floor Plans

After the era of King George I, the architecture of houses is getting developing. The existence of houses that are focus not on the decoration but the simple but specious floor plans and symmetrical shape were very famous around 1700’s. Even until now, there are still people around Mississippi that still uses this house. The selling of these Georgian style homes floor plans is also promising. People want to have specious, elegance and simple house. That is why Georgian style houses floor plans can be one of the suitable choices.

Description of Georgian Style Homes Floor Plans
Georgian style homes floor plans are basically simple, because the house is box in two-story house. Most of Georgian design homes floor plans are in two-story. There are different functions of the story in every house, but mostly, the first floor is design for living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. These four rooms can be separated in different rooms depends on the size of the house. The 3 bathrooms are also provided in the house. Average size of the house is 2490 Ft.

The second story of Georgian style homes floor plans is basically more about the bed rooms. Normally, there are about 3-4 bedrooms available in the second story. The rooms are placed in various ways. In one way, the rooms are placed side by side to the other rooms, so that the rooms face the large windows. Nevertheless, there are also rooms that are placed face to face to each other. The size of the rooms are varied depends on the size of the house. The space in the second floor are usually smaller than the space in the first floor, depends on the size of the width and depth of the house, it can be 50” width and 65” depth.

The exterior of Georgian style homes floor plans are basically very simple. One thing that usually exists is the yard in front of the house and surrounded by fences. The back courtyard is also big. Trees will do good to fill the big space in front of the house. There are fewer places to put decoration in the exterior. Nevertheless, there are still simple decorations that are usually placed in the front of the house: like quoins, double story pilasters, and some details below the cornice. Attached garage are also available in the side of the house.

The interior of the Georgian style homes floor plans are as simple and elegance as the exterior. The house doesn’t use many decorations, minimum pictures on the wall and muted hues. The chimney can be placed in family room while the living rooms have more accessories like jacket stand hanger, traditional or elegance pictures. The paint of the interior is also very calm and with one or two color combinations.

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