Georgian Colonial House Style

The Look of Georgian Colonial House Style

One of many styles of house that is very popular is Georgian colonial house style. This house is very popular in New England even though the style and architecture was firstly made in 1700’s. This house is also adopted the characteristics of American colony. This proofs that Georgian colonial house design is suitable even after hundreds of years. Although the existence of this kind of house is no longer as much as in the era of King George I, but some people still choose to have this house in this era of globalization.

Georgian Colonial House Style

Georgian colonial house is considered as the part of the history of architecture in England. This kind of house is usually big design in either one or two-story. The floor plan of the house is also simple since the shape is usually box or rectangle. Georgia colonial house style is elegance with the elegance appearance from the exterior that almost has no decorations. The shape of the house that symmetric also supports the elegance look of the house. Georgian colonial house design also shows the characteristics of the owner that can be predicted as people with good taste.

Georgian Colonial House Design

Features of Georgian Colonial House Style

The feature of Georgian colonial house style are very unique and elegance. The house is made with natural materials like brick, wood or stone. The design is square and symmetrical shape. The house usually have paired chimney that is placed on the left side of the house and the right side of the house. There are very little decorations on the exterior, apart from the windows that equally placed in the right and left side of the house. This house usually has many windows and one placed above the door. The front door itself has decorative crown. The roof has little overhang. The color is usually black and white or brick color.

Georgian Colonial House Picture

The interior of the house are not much different from the exterior in term of simplicity and elegance. Normally, Georgian colonial house style has two-story. The second story is usually functioned as the attic. The since the design is symmetric square, the floor plan is rectangle. The floor is usually linoleum. The paint is calm and elegance and the table in the kitchen is laminate.

Georgian Colonial House Style Photo

Georgian Colonial House Exterior

Georgian Colonial House Plan

The interior and exterior features of Georgian colonial house style are basically focused on the elegance look. Sitting in the living room of the house would make people feel the traditional but elegance atmosphere of 1700’ where King George I is still leading the country. So it is not too much is Georgian colonial house style is called as one of the inspiring architecture for the farther architecture design.

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