How to wash Your Sofa

Sofas need to be washed if there is dirt or stain on it, or there have been used for a long time. To keep your living room clean, you have to regularly clean the furniture’s and interior including sofas. When you hold a party or other events in your house, there will always be dirt’s and stains from the foods or drinks left on your sofas. Do not worry. The dirt’s and stains can be removed if you wash your sofas. Do you know how to wash your sofa?

How to wash Your Sofa

Washing sofas is not that difficult. You just need to do some easy steps and your problems with dirty sofas will be solved. There are some methods to wash sofas. You can follow the methods if you do not know how to get started. After reading the methods, you can start washing your sofas on your own. The following are two methods of how to wash your sofa.

Two Methods of How to wash Your Sofa

Here is the first method of how to wash your sofa. Pre-cleaning your sofa, there are some preparatory works to do before start cleaning your sofa. Vacuum your sofa and get rid of the pillows and cushions. Get in all the crevices of the sofa using the vacuum’s attachments. Make sure you clean the sofa’s arm rests, the back and also the sides. Using a cloth, dust all the wood areas like the arms and the legs. Then, read the papers which you got when you bought the sofa. Find out the cleaning supplies that are allowed to use. If you cannot find it on the papers, call the company first. To determine the method of cleaning, find out the fabric on the sofa. You should buy the cleaner that are recommended for the product. After that, you can rent carpet shampooer to wash your sofa from a store.

Tips on How to wash Your Sofa

The second method of how to wash your sofa is cleaning the sofa. Read the user guide of the carpet shampooer to operate it. Then, put in the sofa and carpet shampoo. Firstly, try clean the back of the sofa. If the color of the fabric changed, do not continue. To clean the whole area of the sofa, use the shampooer’s handheld attachment. You can get the excess water and dirt by using the shampooer’s suction attachment. Let the sofa dry.

How to wash Your Sofa Tutorial

After the sofa dry, put the pillows and cushions back. Now, your sofa is clean. Getting rid of dirt’s and stains from your sofa is not a difficult task. If you do not know how, just follow the two methods of how to wash your sofa and you can wash your sofa on your own.

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