Bathroom Mirror Cleaning Tips

Not Up to 10 Minutes, Mirror Shining Back

Little things homeowners experienced when welcoming the morning can be great on the overall emotional state on the day. For example, in the bathroom mirror dew-covered can also create mood worsened.

Bathroom Mirror Cleaning Tips

To prevent this, the homeowner can provide anti-fog coating to the surface of the mirror previously. The mirror can be cleaned in just five minutes with natural ingredients. There are two ways of bathroom mirror cleaning tips to provide anti-fog coating to the surface of the mirror. First, by using vinegar and hot water. Mix one quart of boiling water with two tablespoons of vinegar. Then, insert the coffee filter into the solution. Use the coffee filter to wipe the mirror surface. After that, make sure that the mirror is dry by itself.

The second bathroom mirror cleaning tip is to use shaving cream and a kitchen towel. Homeowners just need to flatten enough shaving cream on the mirror surface. Then, wipe the surface of the mirror with shaving cream and a few sheets of kitchen paper. Shaving cream residue will prevent the mirror surface of the dew.

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