Old School Decor Trends Still Interesting

Combine Oldschool Design Style with Modern House

The interior design that was popular in a particular period may not necessarily remain popular in the next period. But, some designs are actually quite practical and can make a house look more attractive. Taken from the Domaine, here are some "old school" designs or the ever popular designs, but it still deserves to be listened to.

Old School 1990s design decor
Old school 1990s House Design Decor Style

First of all, do you remember the hanging wall of beautiful platters? The number and choice of the right colors, displaying these plates in shades of minimalist house still looks attractive. Traditional patterned plates, or dishes made ​​with traditional way, can be balanced with modern style furniture and industrial nuanced elements.

Secondly, do you remember the old school kitchen decoration with pictures of animals on the backsplash surface of the ceramic? This trend is still interesting, especially if you want to make a kitchen with rustic look and country nuances. You just need to limit the amount of decoration. Also balance with the use of ornaments of patina, wood flooring, and painted kitchen cabinets.

Third, try again using the two color palettes for the room interior in your home. Limiting the number of the use of palette colors will bring together variety of decor styles and appearances. You just need to get rid of the colors that seem outdated, such as light blue blend with brown, and pink and kelly green.

Lastly, try to decorate a white minimalist home to be more feminine with old school decoration style a la Rachel Ashwell. You may remember the decor style with abstract flowers. Pair this style with midcentury modern furniture and contemporary style.

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