Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips

Tips on Cleaning and Beautifying Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture is still the main choice to decorate the house. However, the tropical climate and high humidity levels often make wooden furniture dirty, either by dust or mold. To clean wood furniture and make it look like new, there are some steps of wooden furniture cleaning tips you can take:

Check the Wood Furniture

Begin by examining the furniture, if any part is broken, decayed, or eaten by termites. If nothing is broken, then you can start the cleaning process.

Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips
Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips

Clean the Furniture

Mix water with dishwashing soap in a bucket, then use a sponge to wipe the entire piece of furniture. Be sure to squeeze the sponge, so that the wood is not too wet. Clean entire surface of the wood and do not let the wet too long. Clean it until the liquid is completely dry.

Wooden furniture cleaning tips, If you want the furniture looked cleaner, try using thinner that is safe for wood coatings. But to test it, you can wipe the hidden part of furniture first with a cotton ball that has been soaked in paint thinner. If there is nothing suspicious, clean the entire surface of the furniture with a clean cloth that has been soaked in paint thinner. To clean up the remnants of paint thinner residue, re-clean the entire surface of the furniture with a damp cloth.

Furniture Coating

To enhance the look of furniture, you need to coat the furniture surface with coatings such as varnish or lacquer. If you want the result is perfect, you can add a candle (wax) special for wood. Apply wax on the surface of the furniture with gauze. After that, wipe with a clean cloth.

Important Notes

Always use a soft cloth to clean the dust on the surface of wood furniture. Do not use a feather duster, mainly made of chicken feathers, because it is not effective and has a sharp edge that can scratch the surface of wood. I hope this wooden furniture cleaning tips will be helpful.

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