Granite VS Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Granite VS Quartz Bathroom Countertops Comparison

Choosing the right furniture that will be placed to complete the decoration of the bathroom is a confusing thing because; recently the material option that is used to decorate the countertop of bathroom is coming in various options. Granite materials, wooden materials, ceramic material, quartz materials and many more, there are still a lot of kind of material out there. Here we are talking about granite VS quartz bathroom countertops. Among those, fine material which one that will show best appearance for the bathroom. It can be granite material, but it can also be the Quartz materials. Therefore it is an important thing to compare granite and Quartz bathroom countertops.

Granite VS Quartz Bathroom Countertops
Comparison between Bathroom with Granite VS Quartz Countertop materials

Granite and Quartz material have its own advantages and also disadvantages. It is not an easy decision to decide about the best one between granite VS quartz bathroom countertops. The both of two material, granite material VS Quartz material bathroom countertops have similar characteristic. Between them there is such a same character, actually they are from the same source, both granite and quartz materials came from the same source, earth, both of them is natural stone that is utilized by human as their need.

To Compare Granite VS Quartz Bathroom Countertops

How hard it is to look for the best about granite VS Quartz bathroom countertops. Both of them are natural rocks that are made of volcano lava. Both of them are coming from earth, which distinguish between of them is that granite is 100 % is shaped by nature, meanwhile quartz is 93 % shaped by nature.

The other difference about granite VS Quartz bathroom countertops are that quartz does not have to need continued sealing, but Granite material have to be sealed during the installation. This condition shows that Granite needs more maintenance than Quartz. The maintenance is needed to keep the quality of the granite material that is used.
The other comparison between granite VS Quartz bathroom countertops is about the durability of those both materials. Quartz countertop materials will be flawless for entire time as it is maintained well by people. But the other case, Granite materials is easy get flaw, moreover if the granite bathroom countertops are struck by red wine, the flaw on the granite countertops would be hard to be removed. Therefore you must be carefully if you have granite material countertop for your bathroom because this needs serious maintenance.

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