Countertop Materials Cost Comparison

Some Most Popular Countertop Materials Cost Comparison

There is more than one type of materials that are used for countertops; therefore you can take a look at the countertop materials cost comparison on this article. The comparison presented on this article can be used as consideration to choose which countertop materials that you are going to get for your countertops. Each material has its own pros and cons compared to other material. What makes the cost or price is different from one material into another material.

Some of the Most Popular Materials

To begin the countertop materials cost comparison let's see the Granite first.

Granite Countertop Material Cost.

Granite is quite popular as countertop material. There are many unique different patterns of this material can be found that makes each one of them is one of a kind. It has a great durability and could stand against knife nicks, splashes, heat, and also any kind of tear. Yet the only setback it has is the very heavy characteristic of this material. It's a bit hard to find the sturdy cabinet to hold countertops made of Granite. This material has a price of $35 to $100 for every square foot.
Granite Countertop price
Countertop made of Granite material

Marble Countertop Material Cost.

Other material to look at this countertop materials cost comparison is the Marble which has the most glamorous look. Thus it has the greatest elegance than any other material. It stands very well against heat because its natural state that remains perennially cool. Yet aside it’s glamorous and elegance look, this material is very unfriendly with stains even if it’s sealed already. This material has a cost of $40 to $100 for every square foot.
Marble Countertop cost
Photo of Marble Countertop

Soapstone Countertop Material Cost.

Next material on this countertop materials cost comparison is the Soapstone which has $70 up to $100 cost for every square foot. Its natural softness is one good thing of this material. It also has a subtle characteristic with a humbler beauty compared to marble and granite. Unfortunately this material could crack after a couple of time. It is not so friendly with knife scratches and nicks.
Buy Soapstone Countertop
Picture of Soapstone Countertop

Stainless Steel Countertop Material Cost.

Another material on these countertop materials comparison cost that is very commonly used is the stainless steel which has been famous for over two decades. It's almost indestructible and great heat resistant characteristics are the reasons of its popularity. Yet it should be cleaned very often for fingerprints could easily left on it. It could produce loud noise as well when any dishware clang on its surface. It has a price range of $65 up to $125 for every square foot.
Stainless Steel Countertop for sale
Image of Stainless Steel Countertop

That is the countertop materials cost comparison featuring some of the most popular materials.

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