Japanese Rock Garden

Create the Peaceful Japanese Rock Garden Designs

Who doesn’t want a peaceful backyard in their house? It will be the easiest way to escape from the stressful routine. Well, once you have decorated your garden, you can visit it when you are very stressful. Pick the Japanese rock garden as the theme for your backyard. This kind of garden is also called the Zen garden. Stone or Rock gardens are often seen in Buddhist temples. Indeed, it was developed back then in the Muromachi Period for the Zen Buddhism Temples.

Unique Japanese Rock Garden
Unique Japanese Rock Garden - Karesansui

Nowadays, people often install this Japanese rock garden in their house. It is known for its ability in bringing peace to us. This can be achieved by meditating in the garden. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s create the stone garden! First, you should know that this garden is characterized with the usage of rocks, bushes and trees, sands, and water feature. This kind of Japanese garden is also relatively small. We can enjoy the view of the garden from our house or by building a porch.

Japanese Stone Garden
Japanese Stone Garden decoration

So, let’s gather the Japanese rock garden supplies first. You are going to need stones in small and large size. Then, you will need crushed granite, grass foliage, and also plywood. Other equipments are hammer, nails, measuring tapes, rake, and satin paint. Well, the materials aren’t that difficult to be gotten, right? Once you have gathered all of them, you can start the job in creating the Japanese stone garden. It should be started by framing the garden. Measure the area that you will turn into garden. Then, turn the plywood into a floor. It can be done by following the measurement of the garden. Use nails to attach the plywood into the framing woods.

The next task is placing the big rocks. Place it in whatever place you want. Arrange it well. It is a symbol of islands in the middle of the sea. You can combine various rock sizes. Just select the ones that represent your personality. If you want, you can place foliage in the Japanese rock garden. It isn’t the style of the stone garden, but you can install it.

Japanese Rock Garden Pictures

Japanese Rock Garden Bridge
Japanese Rock Garden with Bridge.

Japanese Rock Garden Sakuteiki
Inspirational Japanese Rock Garden - Sakuteiki

Japanese Rock Garden design
Japanese Rock Garden design photo.

Japanese Rock Water Garden picture.

Japanese Zen Rock Garden
Awesome Clean Japanese Zen Rock Garden

Small indoor Japanese Rock Garden
Small indoor Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese Rock Garden Miniature
Japanese Rock Garden Miniature.

Continue the job by placing the crushed granite into the Japanese rock garden. If this is too expensive, you can use fine gravel. Place it between the rocks you have placed before and all area of the stone garden. After that, you can create the ripples of the sea. It is done by using a rake. Create the ripples as you want.

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