Classic Italian Interior Designs

Classic Italian Interior Design Ideas & Inspirations

When you are finding some house interior design ideas for a luxurious house, you have to pick the classic Italian interior design ideas. As its name indicates, it isn’t the Italian modern interior design which is quite popular now. The classic Italian house interior design is a perfect choice if you want something luxurious, gorgeous, and elegant. The Italian house interior design emphasizes the highest furnishing quality.

Classic Italian Family Room
Classic Italian Interior Design Photo.
The classic Italian interior design ideas rooted from the Renaissance house interior design. It was started in early 15th century in Florence, Italy. When you are searching for some ideas under the classic Italian design, you will see that most of it is dominated by the artistic stone columns. There are also some elegant baroque styles. Nowadays, the house interior designer is very smart in combining the classic style with a bit touch of modernity. When both of them are combined together, it results in awe by everybody who sees it.

Classic Italian interior design ideas are characterized with the various luxuries installed in the house. It can be seen from the flooring, ceiling, wall paint or wallpaper, traditional furniture, and also lighting choices. The basic classic Italian architecture is the columns. The next thing in the Italian interior design ideas is the stone flooring. It can be granite or marble. You can pick the best flooring available in the store for the most luxurious feel.

When decorating the living room, you can steal the classic Italian interior design ideas that employ giant chandelier. Install the chandelier in the middle of the room. However, if you want to install a chandelier or pendant, think about the type of the ceiling. For a gorgeous feel, install the cathedral ceiling. If this is too much, install cove or tray ceiling. Other than that, you have to pick the right furniture for the house. The Renaissance furniture is characterized with the artistic craftsmanship. The furniture is basically made from the best wood. Then, it can be layered in the nicest and softest fabric. Pick the color you like.

Classic Italian Interior Pictures

Italian Bedroom Interior
Luxury Italian Interior Furniture with Chandelier
Romantic Italian Dining Room
Italian Romantic Dining Room Decor in a Villa.
Italian Livingroom Interior Decoration
Italian Interior Design.
Luxury Classic Italian Bedroom with Wooden Floor
Italian Bedroom with Wooden Floor.
Traditional Italian Bedroom Furniture Decoration
Traditional Italian Bedroom Interior picture.
To strengthen the classic Italian interior design ideas, you can apply the gold color in some rooms. Although it isn’t the walls, you can apply it for the furniture. It will feel so elegant. If it isn’t in the furniture, you can pick the decorations with gold trim. The gold color can be found in chandelier, mirror frames, paintings, marble tiles, and sometimes ceiling. In some carved furniture, you can be found gold decoration too.

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