Gothic Garden Design

Gothic Garden Designs, Awesome Creation Covered Underneath Spooky

Gothic garden design is a concept that carries both beauty of architectural idea with deep philosophy of spirit. The garden seems to be built in random design but still keep the original of philosophy. Here you can see how gloom and doom sit adjacently in harmony but create different perception through other people standpoint. In this article we will discuss about building affordable gothic garden with appropriate budget that also fit to your need.

Gothic Garden designs
Gothic Garden design photo

Gothic Garden Ideas

The definition of gothic garden design was popular during Victorian era in United Kingdom. The garden is loaded with detail carved effects and ornaments as reflection of death. Gothic garden may draw people’s attention to visit, in the same time horror atmosphere is excreted, making it as good scare. Gothic garden ideas can represent an idea that it was built in magical concept based on the gardener standpoint, but still following the Goth design path.

When creating gothic garden design, it will be helpful if you mind previously what makes an awesome gothic garden, about the element of course. Some spooky detail may have to be involved such as tombstone and miscellaneous monster-like statuary. Usage of ornamental plants with dark color foliage is great idea in creating creepy sensation. Some other element that you need is selecting which ornamental plant that was assumed since long time ago as plants that represent particular legends or lore.
Gothic Garden Decoration
Gothic Garden Decoration
Gothic garden ornamental plants are also thing to consider during construction. Common plants in gothic garden design are those that associated with witch and magical properties. Many of these plants are well known –in the past- carry medicine properties as its combine with magical spells. You can find some plants commonly plant in Goth garden like chamomile, dandelion, blackberries, and willow.

Another idea that is able to promote your gothic garden design more spooky is by inserting death colored plants. Plants with necrotic appearance are good choice to go. Some strange plant will probably be associated with darkness or death in which those words are corresponded closely with witch and Goth atmosphere. Another idea that may bring darkness sensation is by planting ornamental flower that displays in deep dark color such as deep purple, dark scarlet and dark green.

Gothic Garden Pictures

Gothic Mansion Garden
Example of Gothic Garden for Gothic Mansion

Gothic Midnight Garden
Photo of Gothic Midnight Garden

Gothic Garden Ornaments
Gothic Garden Ornaments

Gothic Style Garden
Gothic Style Garden picture
You can make a gothic garden design with disorderly arrangement. You can simply allow all plants grow with randomly growth of foliage surrounded. Although, actually you can pay gardener to get them pruned, the appearance of being mess with the foliage will give you additional sensation in making Goth environment.

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