English-Style Gardens

English Style Landscaping

English-style gardens are beautiful to begin with. This garden gives the luxurious feeling for the owner as the real beauty given by the gardens really catches your eyes. The garden fits perfectly with your english style home as it gives the deluxe feeling. The garden can be realized with some simple techniques. First of all you will need to choose the design. Whether you want a country garden or the cottage garden, it is up to you. Each garden has their distinctive beauty.

English-Style Garden design
Small English-Style Garden design idea.

You will find that English country garden is full of path. With the addition of a breathtaking pond, your English-style gardens will define it’s the new standard of beautiful garden when you add the trees with autumn leaves that has the tones reflected in the water. On the other hand, the cottage gardens give you the over-the-top personality. The roses, foxglove, or even hollyhock flowers will give a beautiful touch in your cottage garden. With the addition of fences and stone paths, the informality sense will be the focal point in your garden.

English-Style Landscaping
Typical English Garden | English-Style Landscaping

How to Create an English Garden?

The good news is that it is very easy to make the English cottage garden. You can have the color by having the fence and add the surround with your desired flowers. Components of your English-style gardens can use flower combination so that they will have the different range of time when the flowers bloom. You will get a various beauty of the flowers all year around. It will be a great and continuous symphony of color. Lavender, lamb’s ear, and clematis are the examples of classic English cottage flowers that you can use.

You can also mix your English-style gardens using the combination of perennials and annual flowers of English style garden plants. Arranging it in more natural way will give you realistic beauty. Your flowers garden will give an unexpected combination. You need to block the colors so you have the similar colors in your garden. Placing the flowers according to the color will be a nice option. Watching your blue flowers fade away into purple ones will surely give you a good satisfaction in your English style landscaping.

English-Style Garden Photos Gallery

English-Style Gardens
English Style Garden photo for your inspiration.

English-Style Gardens with pool
Photo of English Style Garden plan with pool.

English-Style Gardens with waterfall
Picture of traditional landscaping | English-Style Gardens with waterfall.

Romantic English-Style Garden
Romantic English Style Gardens with white flower arrangement.

Traditional British Gardens
Traditional British Garden pictures.

English-style gardens may divide your yard by using small trees. They are needed to separate your colorful flowers. It can also give a good hiding place. With the use of paths to connect your gardens side, your English garden will have so many focal points to see. Focal points are needed to draw the attention into your lovely English style garden plans.

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