Guide for Designing Coastal Garden Style

Coastal Style Garden Design Tips

Coastal garden style recalls the feelings and memories of the calming blue color of water, bright white sky with the breeze which blows the skin. Then, for those who want to enjoy the same feelings, a coastal garden style is actually easy to design. There are some things that you should apply during the project. First is choosing the materials carefully. Go with the galvanized or stainless steel materials to avoid unpleasant rust, then the hardwoods which are less moisture, UV resistant paints and also fabrics to maintain colors.
Coastal Garden Design
Coastal Garden Design

Then, coastal garden style is always better with the bold garden look. The style of coastal garden is always rich with the bright colors which can bring the memories of beach and ocean nuances. You also can enhance it with the pale paving in the coastal area because the pale colors will make the nuance feels more comfortable. It is also better if you create the seating areas which are free from the unpleasant wind shifts. It will be much comfortable if you relax, sleep and chat in the garden without disturbed by the wind.

Coastal garden style will also be dominated with the colors such as orange, gold and salmon shades. For the waterfront, you should go with the crisp colors of nautical blues and as well as whites which will welcome the visitors. For the landscape, you should go with the vivid colors of red, purple, yellow and green which elevate and evoke bold look feelings. For furniture, go with the chartreuse and black which give nice contrast look with the pale colored paving.

In order to keep coastal garden style results best, there are things that you should avoid. First is doing not get to overwhelm with the lighting. You should concern on standing out the flowers, plants and other pretty features or details of your garden so it is not really necessary to focus too much on the lightings or fixtures. Furthermore, this garden style does not go with the stiff planting style so that you can confidently show them off.

Coastal Garden Style Pictures

Coastal Garden Style picture
Coastal Garden Style picture

Coastal Garden
Coastal Garden photo

Coastal Seaside Garden in London
Coastal Style / Seaside Garden in London

Coastal Style Garden
Coastal Style Garden image.

Garden with Coastal Style Design
Garden with Coastal Style Design

Traditional Coastal Garden
Traditional/Classic Coastal Garden Design Style

Lastly, coastal garden style will be much more appealing when you go with the dramatic color display so you should avoid the fussy lines of the annual flowers on the garden beds or lawns. It will be much better if you go with the native plants which you can find easily in your regions or areas because they can grow easily in your gardens.

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