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Anglo Japanese Design

Anglo-Japanese Style
Anglo-Japanese Style furniture.
This particular variation of style in decorating called as the Anglo-Japanese style was originated in the 1851 to the 1900 period. Back then the appealing pieces of Japanese design and also culture highly affect various things including the architectural matter sin England. Back in the year of 1851 the very first sue of Anglo-Japanese term was known. Furthermore there was the idea of Aesthetic Movement following the appearance of this style since more and more people were getting attracted by the oriental or Eastern style or design.

Certainly one thing that is also affected by the Anglo-Japanese style is furniture design which eventually will shape the overall interior decoration ideas. There are some basic features and also characteristics that emphasize this style in terms of Japanese furniture design. You will be able to get such rectilinear type of structure along with minimalist use of decoration, and finished in an ebony look. Those are the ideas of having this style in your furniture for the sake of getting a fully decorated room in this style.

It was back in the year of 1862 during a show of International Exhibition held by A.F. Bornemann & Co of Bath that the idea of Anglo-Japanese style was proposed through its highly appealing ebony finished chair. This piece of furniture in this particular style was the very first piece to be documented. So it can be said that during that time was the very first time that this style was documented.

Anglo-Japanese Style Decoration Ideas

Anglo-Japanese style picture
Anglo-Japanese Style : 19th century door hinge

Anglo-Japanese Style furniture designs
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Anglo-Japanese style_The Princess from the Land of Porcelain
Anglo-Japanese Style: The Princess from the Land of Porcelain
Later on in the 20th century when the style of minimalism emerged, the idea of Anglo-Japanese decoration style was also affecting the basic idea of it. Various designers like James Lamb, Edward William Godwin, Philip Webb, Christopher Dresser, Daniel Pabst, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and also Candace Wheeler were all having their works in minimalism style that was slightly affected by some ideas of Anglo-Japanese Style.

Another thing to consider when talking about this style was the contribution of a person who was not a designer but a writer named Oscar Wilde. He reported and also commented the long progress and also development of this style and referred to the influence that Eastern art is having on Europe and its people followed by the ideas of how fascinating was the arts of Japanese back then. It was in his lecture back in the year of 1882 in the US entitled The English Renaissance of Art that the Anglo-Japanese style was delivered by him.

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