Mediterranean House Style Characteristics

Mediterranean House Style Characteristics for Tropical Climate Home

Mediterranean house style is one of the architecture house styles that are used by people lately. Recently, this kind of house style has been popular house style in the middle of people. This kind of house style which tends to be in luxurious house style starts to be used by couple of people. The Mediterranean house style characteristic is inspired by the whole Mediterranean region like Moorish, Italian, Spanish, and Byzantine Country. But the Mediterranean house design characteristic which is used by people lately has been influenced with traditional Native American house style.

Mediterranean House Style Characteristics

The most of Mediterranean house style characteristic nowadays are built to give the cool atmosphere in the warmer areas. Because Mediterranean house style type is kind of type of architectural house that can give cool and cozy atmosphere in warmer areas. We can see the most of country which use this kind of house design are the country which has warmer weather like Texas, Florida, California and Arizona. Those country are country which we well-known as Country which have warmer climate.

Mediterranean House Design

If you are having planned to decorate your home into the Mediterranean house style, there is some Mediterranean house style characteristic you should learn well before you choose to use this home design. First thing is Mediterranean exterior home design offers unique look. The exterior of Mediterranean home design can be easily identified by its brick which are commonly painted in cream color that will look contrast with the roof of the home. About the window that is used in Mediterranean home design, the cases of the window are framed well by wooden frame.

Mediterranean House Plan

The other Mediterranean house style characteristic is about the floor of this home design. This Mediterranean houses is also popular with its asymmetrical floor plans. The Mediterranean floor plan makes this house into U or L shape. This condition allows courtyard access-able easily from various room in the house. The shape of the house also enables the open breeze flowing through the house.

Mediterranean House Picture

The next Mediterranean house style characteristic is about the interior of the Mediterranean house. The interior of the Mediterranean home design come with open floor with higher ceiling. Meanwhile the wall of the Mediterranean home can be painted in any option of color. The most color that are applied in Mediterranean home are natural color. You can choose some natural color like green foliage, Blue Ocean, and many more.

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