Natural River Stone Vessel Sink

Natural River Stone Vessel Sink for Nature Feeling

The natural river stone vessel sink has a beautiful and natural look. It is usually found at a resort. When we stay at a resort on our vacation, we may find this vessel sink. It can blend well with the resort atmosphere because of the natural stone material used to make it. The nature sense will be felt with this vessel sink. If we have a nature home design, we can add it to make the home look more perfect.

Natural River Stone Vessel Sink
Natural River Stone Vessel Sink

Two forms of natural river stone vessel sink

As the newest iteration of the world famous club Nikki Beach that gives the unique international party style to the Tropicana Las Vegas, the Caesar stone, and the Sono bath. That can be use to complete the international celebration that we host. We have two options of form. Natural river stone vessel sink has the multiple installing for the resort. The installation is not only one.

river rock vessel sink
river rock vessel sink

small stone vessel sinks
natural small stone vessel sinks
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The souvenir is from the Caesar stone Pure of White premium quartz, and the Sono bath sink gives the cutting edge of timeless element to the stunning style. This is a beautiful design of vessel sink. Those exist in the spirit and in the shape of the stunning Sono bath of HYDROS and LOTUS natural river vessel sinks:
  • The great HYDROS design gives the symmetry through the asymmetry. The asymmetry designs are dominant and arranged well. The focal point of the sloping style is the off center that is concealed the drain part. We must be falling in love to the elegant sloping design. The HYDROS can be found with the nickel slat that is brushed and the tray that is recessed and those are closed in natural river vessel sink rock. The beautiful rock covers them perfectly. It is the most famous model of Sono bath. All natural home idea finders know it.
  • What about the Lotus? It gives the hidden drain system too. The drain system is not appeared. Like the lotus plant, it comes of the water. But, it is not the water’s part of it. It is not fully the part of water. The whole surface of the LOTUS natural river vessel sink owns the light, the ethereal quality, the contrasting power, the weight of the stone surface, and so on. Those can be found on the entire surfaces. The Nikki Beach is similar with the ultimate beach club moment. We are honored to own the sink that is considered as the part of the exciting interior design of resort.

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