Small Garden Patio Designs for Your Small-Sized Patio

Having patio at home is good. We can utilize the patio for certain activity. But people always assume that having patio means having large of backyard. What if all we have just a small garden in backyard home? Can we still utilize it? Yes, you can. All you need is just small garden patio design to change your small backyard into a patio as you want. No matter how small it is. You can still change it into beautiful patio that you can use for your certain activity.

Small Garden Patio Designs

Small-sized Garden Patio

Small garden patio design fit with you who do not have enough space in the backyard of your home. You can utilize the patio as a small garden that will beautify your patio. With a little touch and creativity you can create your own small-sized garden patio. Gardening means planting green plants and pretty flowers to get green view of it, so just plant your favorite plant and flower to adorn your small garden. According to the size of your patio, you can plant green plants and flowers with small size.

Small-sized Garden Patio

Beautiful Small Garden Patio

The other small garden patio design you can apply to your small patio is you can create planter boxes; you can use rectangular plant boxes to border the wall and your small patio. Use hanging flower basket to thrifty the space. By hanging plant, you can get beautiful small garden patio view but still have space on your patio.

Beautiful Small Garden Patio

In order to beautify your small garden patio design, you can plant variety of plants that will fit with your small patio. If the patio is in shade area, you can choose shade plants like ivy and hosta. To create shade of your patio you can plant a single big tree, like orange tree to shade your patio from direst sunshine.

Small Garden Patio Designs Photos

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