How to Build Covered Patio Roof?

How to Build Covered Patio Roof for Your House

DIY Covered Patio
Building Covered Patio Roof
A roof is an important part of a house. You cannot live in your house without roof because it protects you from the sun light and rain. Human body is designed to be sensitive with many stimuli. It causes you need protection such as house with all of the parts. A roof can be built from many materials. Patio roof is one of them. But, do you know how to build covered patio roof? You need to know it in order to build a good patio roof for your house.
Building a Porch Roof
Building a Porch Roof | Porch Roof Framing
Before answering how to build covered patio roof, you have to know about the materials which can be used to build the patio roof. There are three materials that is often used. First, it is wooden materials. It is the easiest materials to be built because you can find it in home improvement center easily. It is a natural material so you do not need to worry about the side effects. This wooden material is safe for all family members. Second, it is plastic materials. It is the cheapest roof materials. You can find it in home improvement retailer easily. Please remind that it has disadvantage. You need to replace the plastic patio roof frequently because it has low quality in durability. If you choose it, you need to prepare regular budget for patio roof replacing. Third, it is fabric. It is the most excellent patio roof materials. The fabric has high level of durability. You do not need to worry about roof replacing for many years.

Steps of Building Covered Patio Roof

how to build covered patio roof | Patio Cover Design Plans
The materials are necessary for knowing how to build covered patio roof. You have to decide the patio materials which you will use first. Then, let’s see the steps of building covered patio roof. First, measure the large of area that you want to build a covered patio roof. Sign with colored sign as the outline of the field. Second, you can put cement footing on all the corners of the patio roof cover area. Attach anchors in it. Third, drill a 5/8-inch hole at the edge of each of four 4-by-4 posts. Fourth, attach a post on each anchor and put hole which is drilled on the top of it. Fifth, use bolts to secure all posts. You need to put it on by one on each post. Sixth, secure the horizontal from another. Bolt the horizontal posts to the vertical posts. Seventh, lay 2-by-6 rafter boards every 16 inches. Protect the rafters to the horizontal posts with nail hammered. The last step of how to build covered patio roof, close the rafters with ship lap plywood. Every 12 inches, nail the plywood into place by anchoring the pieces to the rafter boards.

Covered Patio Roof Ideas Photos

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How to Build a Patio Cover with a Corrugated Metal Roof

Covered Patio - pergola
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DIY Covered Patio
DIY Covered Patio

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