Homemade Storm Shelter Plans

Basic Steps to Start Making Homemade Storm Shelter Plans

To build a house in United States is rather different like building a house in other country. In United States, people should be ready for storm. When they want to build a house, a storm shelter should be built as well, especially when people live in Texas or other state where the storm often happens. Building storm shelter also needs to be concerned because we have to make sure that we build a super-strong and super-solid storm shelter so it can protect us from the strong winds and flying debris. Recently, the storms often happen so that many people look for homemade storm shelter plans to anticipate this thing happens.

Homemade Storm Shelter Plans
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Basic standard to build a shelter storm

Building storm shelter has its own standard. In USA, the basic standard to build a shelter storm is ruled by FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA provides us various guides that enable us to get homemade storm shelter plans. FEMA gives us detail instruction so we can have clear plans of our homemade storm shelter.

Before we use our homemade storm shelter plans, we have to make sure that the plans have been planned well. Some beginning steps to start are like getting a FEMA Publication 320 to understand the rules and standards to follow, and getting license of construction from our local city hall. This is needed to make sure that we follow the law. Then, we also need to locate our wind zone to know how strong the wind is in our area. FEMA also provides us information about this wind zone.

Homemade Storm Shelter Plans Photos

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how to build storm shelter photos
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After these three steps fulfilled, the next steps are handed over to us. We can continue with deciding the location where we will build the shelter storm, outside or inside the house, on the surface of ground or grounded shelter. One thing to concern when we want to build the grounded-shelter that is we have to know well about the soil condition so that our homemade storm shelter plans would be suit with its condition. Then we are ready to build the shelter based on our plans of homemade storm shelter.

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