Korean Garden: Combination of the Nature and Landscaping Technique

Korean Garden Designs

There are so many garden designs that you can apply in your home and one of them is the Korean garden. First thing first, garden is not something that everybody can get. That is why you need to be grateful if you have the space for a garden. It means that you have a big obligation to give your effort to decorate that space, isn’t it? Korean style garden is all about design balance as for balance means the balance between the setting and the nature. Korean style garden is not something that can purple decorate by the designer, it need to involvement of the nature.

Korean Garden design
Korean Garden Design Inspiration.

Anyway, there are some designs of Korean garden setting that you might be able to use as the reference if you have the space for it. One of those designs is this Sunset Residence Garden. This lovely Korean style garden was designed by Griffin Enright Landscape and it will show you have the involvement of nature is very important in this kind of garden. You will be able to see the steps appear in this garden is set by the designer, but the grasses that grow in it are totally natural. This example is clearly showing the balance of nature and landscaping technique.

The other Korean garden that can also become such a great reference of your garden setting is the Korean Bell Garden. This beautiful garden design was created by Hunt Laudi Studio and it is also showing the perfect balance between the nature and the landscaping technique. In this awesome garden design you will be able to see such a nice Korean style gazebo stand in the middle of grass lawn, isn’t that amazing?

The other Korean garden that will also be able to show you how a lovely garden design with Korean style should looks like is the Stroll Garden, This superb garden design is located in Shin-boku Nursery and it is also showing such an amazing balance. In this stunning garden design you will be able to see such a perfect combination between rock arrangement and water.

Korean Garden Photos

Korean Garden in Seoul, Changdeokgung
Photo of Korean Garden in Seoul - Changdeokgung Place Garden

Korean Palace Garden
Picture of A Beautiful Korean Palace Garden

Korean Style Garden
Korean Style Garden

The key of Korean garden design is the balance and the perfect combination between elements of the design. This is indeed one of the best garden design types that you can apply in your place if you have enough space to create it. This special garden design style will indeed be able to significantly increase the beauty of your place.

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