Kitchen Laundry Cabinets

Creative Ideas on Kitchen Laundry Cabinets

Small space house is a problem for some families. They cannot put many things at home since it will make their rooms crowded and full of home items. They need to sacrifice two rooms to be in one same space. For example, some families decide to merge the laundry room and kitchen since it can be in the same space. Now we will help you on some ideas to deal with kitchen laundry cabinet. This can be applied in any types of home.

Inspirational Kitchen Laundry Cabinet
Inspirational Kitchen Laundry Cabinets design ideas.

Merging laundry room and kitchen in one space could be a problem for some people. But don’t worry since dealing with kitchen laundry cabinet is an easy thing. First of all, kitchen laundry cabinet idea means you need to utilize the space well. Can you imagine when stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer are placed in one same place? Perhaps this cannot be imagined to have super multitasking activities. But actually, you can deal with it.

If you will get disguised or disturbed by the presence of washing machines in kitchen laundry cabinet, you can try to put curtains in front of it. So, when the machines are not in use, you can cover them with curtains. Another alternative is to cover them with doors. But it is more flexible if you use the curtains instead. This is kitchen laundry cabinet tip to avoid feeling disturbed by the presence of washing machines in a kitchen.

Hidden Laundry Cabinets
Photo of Hidden Laundry / Washing Machine in Cabinet.

Next, in kitchen laundry cabinet, you can give an extra island. Make sure that you choose a double duty item. For example, when you order a kitchen island, you can pick the best countertop material for cooking or serving food, but you need to order some spaces behind it for storing some baskets. It could be three or four depending on the space that you have. Do not force the size if the space is not wide enough.

Laundry Cabinet in the Kitchen
Picture of Laundry Cabinet in the Kitchen.

The last one is the decoration. Kitchen laundry cabinet needs to be decorated. This is to avoid the feeling of bored or headache when you have to face laundry room in your kitchen. You need to maximize the items. For example, when you order cabinets, on the top side is for the use of kitchen items. You can use the lower part as the laundry items, including the washing machines, the soaps, detergents, softeners, and other items. Make labels for easier access. Don’t mix the items otherwise you will be confused.

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